Clean Well Group started in 1997 as a mere cleaning company, mainly focused on domestic users, and with time, it gained resource and know-how. Its business went from strength to strength, expanding its scope to encompass new categories of clients such as institutional entities, and widening its activity to comprise carpet, glass & furniture cleaning, and eventually laundry and pest control.


The core mission of Clean Well Group is to create and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with its customers.


Indeed, it is proud to see its portfolio grow continuously, featuring – inter alia – ministries,banks, hotels, pubs, factories, shops, restaurants, showrooms and companies, alongside thehouses and apartments of individuals.


In all its areas of activity, Clean Well Group chooses workers with high potential ofperseverance, endurance, personal hygiene, speed and punctuality. In turn, it provides them with a periodic training to keep them up-to-date, as well as new tools and equipment that enhance the company’s competitiveness among its peers, on a continuously growing market.

Why pick Clean Well Group? Simply because with us, quality is priority no matter what.